About Us

In keeping with the rich Sydenham tradition of imparting high quality education, the Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) was founded in the year 1983. Since then, SIMSREE has endeavoured to produce global managers of shining excellence. Today, 38 years after its inception, SIMSREE stands as one of the most popular management institutes in India. Located at Churchgate, in the heart of the financial capital of the country, SIMSREE has the advantage of being the cynosure of the corporate world and the opportunity to draw from the finest in the industry.

Our Vision

  • To be a Leader in Management Education and be recognised and respected by the corporate world as an Institution of Academic Excellence
  • To mould students into industry-ready and highly resourceful professionals capable of effectively managing business complexities in a globally competitive environment

Our Mission

  • To let student initiative be a driving force behind the institution; supervising and guiding the students as and when required
  • To maximize industry exposure of students through internship, live projects, guest lectures and management events
  • To simulate a temperament of research and culture of entrepreneurship among students
  • To instill in students a sense of ingenuity, discipline and commitment to lead their organisations towards resounding success

Director’s Message

It’s a matter great pride and honour to be the Director of one of the leading management Institute which is constantly committed towards academic excellence. Located at the heart of financial capital of India and known for providing exceptional academic and industry experience, SIMSREE is the foremost preference of all the brilliant management aspirants. Established in the year 1983, institution has endeavoured to create an array of managers with right temperament and value who will eventually become responsible, poised and proficient global leaders. Our heartfelt gratitude to eminent faculties, devoted staff, distinguished alumni and earnest students, for their continuous support and commitment because of which SIMSREE has been one of the finest management institutes across the nation.

SIMSREE distinguishes itself from other B-Schools by focusing on its motto “Labor Omnia vincit” which means Diligent Work Conquers All. Its endeavours incessantly to be one of the most distinctive institutions by adhering to its core value of excellence, collaboration, integrity, wisdom, empathy and will sustain to preserve the same.

Excellence is accomplished by leveraging academic bandwidth of faculty and students community which is quite indispensable to create leaders who will sustain global challenges. The ability to crystallize with fellow human beings in a Collaborative way is our greatest strength and has helped us to achieve higher trajectory of growth. SIMSREE always believes in sustaining an Ethical and transparent culture which has contributed towards long term success of the institution. As we groom potential leaders it is crucial to develop an innovative environment that encourages them to discover their wisdom to contribute significantly towards the nation. In the present digitalized words it is necessary to invest in human connection that paves the way for organizational success. SIMSERR builds professionals with emotional dominance who exhibit concern for fellow beings which act as a building block for successful transformation.

At SIMSREE we create true leaders by offering Full time Masters Program with specialization in Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations and Systems. In order to cater to working professionals, it also offers part time masters program in marketing and finance. Further to quench our inquisitive and enquiring minds we also offer doctoral programs in various management disciplines.

SIMSREE thus foster comprehensive development of the students who can face complex business challenges and emerge as successful individual. This makes our institute the cynosure of the corporate world.

We look forward for an enduring relationship of trust and synergy with you and welcome you to explore the rich tradition of SIMSREE.


Dr. Shriniwas Dhure,  Director.


The college’s motto is “Labor Omnia Vincit”(“Work conquers all”) and in Sanskrit,”samudyogo hi vishvajita” {Diligent Efforts Conquer the World}.The college is operated by the Government of Maharashtra.

SIMSREE’s parent institute, Sydenham College is one of the most renowned Commerce Colleges in India.Sydenham College, “the first college of commerce in Asia,”was established in October 1913. It was named after the then-governor of Bombay,Lord Sydenham of Combe,who was instrumental in making the undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Commerce possible in Mumbai.This makes Sydenham College the oldest degree-awarding institution in commerce.K.S.Aiyar acted as first honorary principal of the college.It was only in 1941,twenty-eight years after the establishment of Sydenham College,that any other institute started offering courses in the subject.

On the college’s seventy-fifth anniversary in 1988, the Indian Post Office issued a commemorative stamp.In 1990, TIME rated Sydenham College as the “Best Commerce College this side of the Suez.”

SIMSREE in continuation with the Sydenham Education tradition was founded in 1983.


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