Message from the Alumni

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies,. Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE), is a unique institute which allows students to blossom by empowering them to take decisions at a very young age. It truly brings the entrepreneur out in a student and that helps them become great managers. It is an institute driven and run largely by students themselves, which gives them a unique management experience that no textbook can teach.

Aided by its location near large corporate headquarters, SIMSREE creates great entrepreneurial managers consistently.The kind of diligence, effort and personal attention that SIMSREE is able to give, I doubt very much any other management institute, within India or globally, can match. I can definitely vouch for the fact that I have gained from the two years I spent doing my MMS at SIMSREE.

Mr. Ashish Bhasin, Batch of 1988 
Chairman India & CEO South East Asia, Aegis Media & Chairman, SIMAA

SIMSREE stands for instilling entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship skills among students right from its inception. I have been fortunate to study and develop these two skills during the two years of my studies, which helped to build my career strongly and rapidly. SIMSREE enables students to study, learn and at the same time practice whatever they learnt during their education itself, which helps them to come out with strong practical knowledge on leading, managing, planning, organizing, executing and working with teams. SIMSREE develops strong leadership and followership skills among students, which is a must to survive in today’s competitive market environment. Along with academics, this strong focus on developing practical management skills among students is the hallmark of SIMSREE. I stand a testimony to this as whatever I am today is due to what I learnt at SIMSREE and I am always indebted to the Institute and the teachers from there. That is the primary reason for me continuing my association with SIMSREE by being a Director of the Alumni Association (SIMAA). After passing out, in the last 24 years, I enabled the organizations where I worked, recruit students of SIMSREE and each one of them proved to be a strong professional and lived up to the reputation of the Institute. May the strong achieving tribe of SIMSREE increase in the future years!

Mr. G. Dhananjayan, MMS Batch of 1991
Chief – South Business, Disney-India Studios Director, SIMAA