Future Events

1. Garba Night

One of the biggest Indian celebrations, Navratri would be incomplete without the dandiya nights, blasting music, and the clanging of sticks. It’s that time of the year when the special Garba music fills up the air and you find yourself twirling and dancing to the Garba beats, so bring out your kurta and Garba choli and come and celebrate Navratri.

2. House Cup

The most awaited intra-college fest HOUSE-CUP. The tournament comprises of the senior as well as the junior batch with teams from both batches competing in various sports like – Football, Volleyball, Relay, Box cricket, dodgeball and many more indoor and outdoor team as well as individual sports. It’s time to tie your shoelace tight and get ready for some nail-biting clashes among competitors.


Our signature event is the yearly festival SIMERATIONS. A diverse mix of performing arts, business events, artistic arts, and e-sports competitions. This four-day event is one of Mumbai’s biggest college festivals, reaching over 25000 attendees. The situation we are in today is chaotic, yet the event gives us a chance to wander and ponder. So point your compass in our direction, pack your skills and abilities, garnish your curiosity and hop aboard with enthusiasm.

4. Foundation Day

On the 3rd of October, Sydenham Institute of Management celebrated its Foundation Day. Over the years, the institute has produced many stalwarts and contributed to the business world in a unique manner. The foundation day was a day of commemoration of all that the institute has given to the industry and the steps that the progeny should take to keep this legacy alive.

ReCon activities


The 9th Asia Pacific International Conference 2022 was held on 29th and 30th of April 2022. With the fast changing business environment, there are many questions that come into one’s mind. What might post covid-19 business strategy look like? What are the new business disruptions in the making? APIC aptly lays the foundation for the theme for 2022 – “Changing Business Practices In Current Environment”. Like previous year, due to covid crisis, this time also the event was hosted online on Zoom. Dr. SHRINIWAS DHURE, Director, SIMSREE inaugurated the event. The program details were shared by Dr. R. K. Srivastava and vote of thanks was given by Dr. Sangeeta Pandit.

Ajay Kumar Handa, President, Centaur Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, shared his thoughts on Pharma – Pre & Post COVID scenario.

The first day of the conference saw presentations from diverse backgrounds. There were two tracks of General Management and one of Finance Management.

The presentations were combined with a mix of panel discussions by Dr Dafnis N. Coudounaris and Dr Justin Paul (Ph.D), on How to Write a literature review paper for publication.Day one ended with Dr. Michele Gee, the Chief Guest Speaker presenting her views on Global Challenges confronting Universities and students around the world.

Dr. R K Srivastava and Dr. Aashish Pawaskar kickstarted day 2 of the 9th Asia Pacific International Conference.Dr. Vivek G Mendonsa, Group director – Marketing, Lawrence and Mayo, shared his experiences related to Understanding the consumers in a post-COVID-19 era.
The second day of the conference also saw a number of presentations from diverse backgrounds. There were two tracks of Marketing Management and of General Management. A separate student track was there for promoting budding researchers.

Dr. R Mulye gave his valuable suggestions on the Issues and challenges in linking academic research with Industry?
Shri Vikas Chandra Rastogi, Principal Secretary, Higher and Technical education Government of Maharashtra, shared his thoughts on Future Trends in Higher Education in India. This was followed by the announcement of the winners.
The event witnessed over 150 participants and guests from all over the world. The two-day event was a huge success and the audience enjoyed the learning experience.

2. LEAN SIX SIGMA Certification

Research and Consulting Club in collaboration with KPMG India conducted Lean Six Sigma Competency Development Programme (CDP) at SIMSREE from 28th Feb to 4th March, 2022. KPMG offered the “Green Belt Certification” to the students of SIMSREE.

Lean Six Sigma is a structured and disciplined approach to solve problems. The approach is widely accepted across the globe and is applicable across industries and sectors. LSS professionals stand out as change management catalysts at a strategic level in any organization. This workshop trains the future managers and leaders for that.


Talks that know no barriers and policies that transcend boundaries. Is it all chaos, waiting to engulf humanity through wretched wars or is there a way to fillip to a crescendo on a global stage.

ReCon in tandem with SIMSREE Events Committee would be organizing a simulation where The Diplomat in us will fight it out to find solutions to the never ending problems that have on one hand pushed countries into a tumultuous gorge while on the other, produced some with never ending fortunes.


Convergence is a national-level case study competition that is annually organized to promote industry-institute interaction and enhance the students’ acumen. This offers a platform for all the B-school postgraduates to pose as consultants and solve some real-life problems which are innovative yet practical. Every year we have up to 800 participants from renowned B schools across the country. Convergence’21 had received registrations from top B-Schools such as the IIMs, IITs, JBIMS, NMIMS, NITIE, FMS, SIBM, KJ Somaiya, Wellingkar, and so on.
Convergence’22 intends to keep up with the changing digital world in the aftermath of the pandemic by holding this competition entirely online. Naturally, the convenience of competing from the comfort of one’s own home is expected to expand the audience. As the location constraint is removed, we expect a surge in overall participation from many more students from various colleges.The flow of this event would be as follows-

  • Round 1: Online Quiz on Unstop platform
  • Round 2: Case Study Submission 
  • Round 3: Case Study Presentation 

Past Events

1. VIBE’22

VIBE – Virtual Ice Breaker Event was an attempt to acquaint the batch with one another. In this event, batchmates interacted with each other via fun activities such as – Pictionary, Bollywood quiz, Improv comedy, and many more. This successfully relieving stress and tension among the peers and helped them get to know each other informally.

2. SIA’22

SIA – SIMSREE Induction Awards was an attempt to honor the induction committee members. Throughout the induction process, the batch came across various favorites among the Induction committee for various categories. Through the nominations received, various awards were then given to the winner of each category. This event brought back joyful induction memories.

3. Farewell

SIA – SIMSREE Induction Awards was an attempt to honor the induction committee members. Throughout the induction process, the batch came across various favorites among the Induction committee for various categories. Through the nominations received, various awards were then given to the winner of each category. This event brought back joyful induction memories.

4. Freshers Party

The event for which the new batch eagerly waits, wherein stress is side-lined and everyone is ready to groove on the DJ beats. An evening full of music, Masti, dance, and surprises!!! A memorable night that was just the beginning of the fun fever to be experienced throughout the course.

5. Runभूमि- Let the Cricket fever begin!

Time to keep the formal attire aside and dress up to win. The first sporting event of the year where eight teams competed with one another to prove themselves the best in cricket. It was an ultimate escape from mundane life.

6. Ran-Neeti

Time to flaunt your intellect and agility! Ran-Neeti provides you with a platform to compete with each other in chess and table tennis tournaments. It’s time for a nail-biting clash between the competitors with ultimate entertainment and a treat for the eyes.

E-Cell Upcoming Events

1. Springboard

Springboard is the flagship event of the Entrepreneurship Cell that is held every year to celebrate the ethos of Entrepreneurship.
The format consists of a National Level B-Plan Competition in which students from various B-Schools, other UG and PG colleges and interested teams from across India, participate and compete. The top teams from all over India who have qualified will be given an opportunity to present their business proposals in front of an esteemed jury.

2. Workshop

An entrepreneurial workshop will feature an entrepreneur and/or VCs who will guide interested students through all stages of entrepreneurship right from idea generation up until product launch and growth.

3. Business Frenzy

Part of Simerations conducted by the events committee, is it an event designed to foster the spirit of competitive growth.
In this frenzy, participants will be bombarded with different marketing scenarios and checked on their persuasion and audience capturing ability to convince the audience present.

Alumni Association

1. Batchmeet

As life goes on, we remember all the times we had together and as our life changed, we made a promise that we will be connected forever.
The SIMSREE Alumni Committee had the pleasure to organize Batchmeet for the Batch of 2002. It has been 20 years since they graduated, but the memories are still fresh!
The event was a great success as the alums relived their memories in their classrooms, played games and shared all their memories and experiences on the campus.
We are grateful to the Batch of 2002 for gracing us with their presence and hope to connect with them soon again.
#Batchmeet2002 #Batchmeet #Reunion #SIMSREEAlumni #SIMSREE #Alumnicommittee

2. Dr. Ashish Ambasta

We had the privilege of hosting Dr. Ashish Ambasta, Founder and CEO of Happy+ Consulting at the SIMSREE campus.
Sir, an alumnus of 2002 batch, had an interactive kick-off session with the students of 2021-23 batch on the first day of their offline journey.
Sir shared his experiences and gave valuable life lessons to make the most out of corporate life. He also highlighted the importance of internal happiness and how it impacts our life.
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to sir for such an engaging session and hope to interact with him similarly in the future.
#SIMSREE #LifeAtSIMSREE #AlumDiaries #SIMSREEAlumni #Happiness #kickoffsession


The SIMSREE Alumni Committee conducted a Mock GDPI session for the batch of 21-23.
Our esteemed alumni with excellent industry exposure and vast experience guided the batch for offline placement scenarios. The batch loved this initiative and was immensely benefited from the alumni’s detailed feedback given to each student personally.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and thank the alumni for their support
#Alumni #AlCom #Group Discussion #Personalinterview #Placements #Learnings #Feedback

4. Mr. Anup Sharma

SIMSREE Alumni Association had the pleasure to host Mr. Anup Sharma, who is our esteemed alumnus from the batch of 2004.
He is currently the Head – Group Administration / Facilities at ACG World.
He shared with the batch how he made the decision to join the Indian Army amidst his MBA journey and also shared his life experiences. He gave us his insights on Future Skills 2030 and talked about how communication, technology and soft skills are necessary to move a step ahead in life.
He also emphasized that just doing MBA isn’t sufficient and students should be developing skills which would help them further in their career.
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to sir for such an insightful session and hope to interact with him similarly in the future.
#SIMSREE #LifeAtSIMSREE #AlumDiaries #SIMSREEAlumni #Guest Lecture #Futureskills #Indianarmy

5. Panel Discussion

The SIMSREE Alumni Committee hosted a panel discussion where we had our esteemed alumnias panelists for the batch.
1. Nimesh Mehta – Moderator & Speaker
2. Hariharan Mani – Speaker
3. Sameer Patil – Speaker
4. Nikhil Gokhale – Speaker
5. Vaishali Bafna – Speaker
The Panel had a discussion on the topic “Experiential Learning’.
It gives us immense pleasure to apprise that it was a very inspiring and insightful session for the whole batch, where we learnt how communication, technology and the right mentorship are valuable to step ahead in our careers. We also had a valuable learning experience about the entrepreneurial life after MBA.
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the panelists for such a wonderful session and hope to interact with them similarly in the future.
#SIMSREE #Alcom #PanelDiscussion #SIMSREEAlumni #Experience #Learnings #Mentors #Startups #Panelists #Moderator


1. Guest lecture of Mr. Prakash Jadhav

Mr. Prakash Jadhav is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Second Income Trading. He is an alumnus of 2006 batch and he had an engaging session with the students of 2021-23 batch on the subject of capital markets. Knowing yourself as an investor in the capital markets, role of the market makers vs the retail investors, reducing the noise from over-information, virtue of patience within the proper context and price reading on the basis of activity of smart money were some of the topics discussed by sir during the interactive session.

2. CFA Research Competition:

A team of 5 students was being selected to represent the institute at the zonal level for the CFA Research Challenge 2022-23. In order to select the team, a presentation round was being conducted and it was judged by Mr. Vijay Agarwal Sir and Sangeeta Pandit Ma’am.

Blood Donation

Spark Foundation