Placement process at Sydenham is a structured, student driven process – managed by the incumbent Placement Committee (a student body) under the guidance and mentorship of the Placement Officer and supervision of the Director.

The Placement Committee is an officially constituted students’ body which plays a pivotal role in the planning and smooth execution of the Campus Placement Programme. The committee serves the interests of the batch by acting as a liaising agency between them and the industry.

Everything required for placements from pitching to companies to slotting companies and arranging the necessary infrastructure is handled by the committee.


Placement Process

The Company briefs the students about the kind of role and projects that the student will be working on and what are the company’s requirements

The resumes of the students are sent to the Company for scrutiny

The shortlisted candidates take part in a group discussion as per the Company’s shortlisting process

The Company then conducts a personal interview of the individual candidates

The final results are announced

The final offer is made to the selected students