Flagship Events

The various events which are organised throughout the year are a microcosm of the actual management tasks. These events give the students a chance to come up with solutions and manage situations in the face of actual constraints and timeliness. The value gained from the organization of these events is invaluable, and all the events are managed by the student committees detailed in the preceding section.

Alumni Meet

Reminiscence – the Alumni Meet is an occasion built on the twin pillars of nostalgia and fun. It’s the time when SIMSREEites all over the world return home to relive the Sydenham experience. Reminiscence provides the Alumni an opportunity to revive old friendships & share experiences with the new generation of SIMSREEites. This year the meet was held in the college premises so as to refresh some old memories.


Simerations is the annual B-school festival held at SIMSREE. The motto of Simerations is to facilitate interactions between the students from various management institutes on a serious and informal level. This is supplemented by ample dose of music, dance and entertainment.


SIMERGENCE is an annual academia-industry interface organized by SIMSREE where stalwarts of the Business and Industrial world come together with the students to discuss matters concerning current business trends. SIMERGENCE is unique because it is an attempt by the students to create a platform where the industry stalwarts address the future of corporate India. Students aim at academic benefits and to gain real handson experience of organizing a corporate event.

Mrudgandha 2024 Celebrates Cultural Synergy at SIMSREE, Mumbai

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE)’s Student Social Responsibility (SSR) Committee successfully hosted its flagship event, ‘Mrudgandha 2024’, on February 10th, 2024. With the theme “Synergies of Sanskriti,” the event aimed to explore the harmonious coexistence of traditional values and contemporary societal changes.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a prominent leader in the energy sector, graciously served as an associate sponsor playing a pivotal role in the success of the event. The organizers extend their sincere gratitude to BPCL for their unwavering support.

Comprising four sub-events, Mrudgandha offered a diverse platform for participants to engage with various facets of cultural integration and preservation.

The highlight of the event, ‘Samyak’, brought together participants for a social case study competition. Focused on the integration of Ayurveda into mainstream healthcare, this competition challenged participants to devise innovative solutions to contemporary health issues rooted in traditional knowledge systems.

Another captivating event was ‘Pratibimb’, a photography competition that celebrated the diversity of cultures through the lens of talented photographers. Participants showcased their skills in capturing the intricacies of various cultures, highlighting the beauty and richness of heritage.

‘Drishtikon’ provided a platform for dialogue and discourse with a panel discussion on “Embracing Change while Preserving Cultural Identity.” Experts shared their insights and perspectives on navigating the complexities of modernity while staying rooted in cultural heritage.

Adding a vibrant touch to the event, ‘Urjaa’ showcased cultural entertainment featuring a range of performances. From the energetic beats of Dhol Pathak performed by Baji Dhol-Tasha Pathak to the mesmerizing classical dance of Bharatnatyam by Mrs. Meenakshi Srivastava and the soulful melodies of a musical Qawwali night by Sufi singer Imran Warsi, attendees were treated to a sensory feast celebrating the diversity of Indian culture.

One of the most memorable performances of the evening was the traditional sport of Mallakhamb, which was performed by differently-abled athletes of Udaan Entertainment Group. Mallakhamb, a centuries-old Indian sport that combines gymnastics, yoga, and wrestling, enthralled the audience with its display of strength, agility, and grace.

In addition to these enriching activities, Mrudgandha also offered a variety of fun-filled engagements for attendees, including pottery lessons, cultural quizzes, and an exhilarating open stage for performances.

Mrudgandha 2024 served as a testament to the importance of fostering cultural exchange and appreciation, transcending boundaries and promoting unity in diversity. The event not only provided a platform for dialogue and celebration but also inspired participants to embrace the richness of their cultural heritage while embracing the winds of change.

The success of Mrudgandha 2024 underscores SIMSREE’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant and inclusive campus community, where cultural diversity is celebrated and cherished.